Net Promoter Score

A NPS score is both a loyalty metric and a dicipline for using customer feedback.  The Net Promoter Score or NPS is a straight forward metric that holds companies and employees accountable for how they treat customers and perform services.  Essentially the NPS is a % of promoters (9-10) minus a % (0-6) of detractors. 

Average Rating Given to Inspector: 9.8957 (possible 10)

Inspector Net Promoter Score:  97.36 (possible 100)

What Clients Have Had to Say

**Hi Janni, Just wanted to thank you for the inspection at *****.  The seller didn't like your inspection very much though.  Thought you were a little too picky.   However I say thanks for being picky and getting me out of a potential disaster.  The owner is actually a contractor.   So make sure you never hire that guy.   Thanks again.** JB  Toledo, OH

**I was very satisfied with the results she found, very professional and she is definately on your side when you hire her.  Thumbs up!!!

Matthew P.  Toledo, OH

**Janni did a great job on our inspection, very thorough.

Jane K.  Toledo, OH

**We are first time home buyers, Janni explained everything wonderfully, she even told me diffferent options on how to fix things.  Would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

Jen G.  Oregon, OH

**Great job!  Very informative and enjoyable.  Went smooth.  Understood what you were looking for due to your explanations. 

Gene J.  Toledo, OH

**Janni is one of the top home inspectors in the area!  If I was purchasing a home she'd be the first person I'd call to have it inspected by!

Rick Turner   Real Estate Agent  Key Realty  Toledo, OH

**Janni, you did a great job!  As cheap as I am, this was money well spent!  I will definately recommend you to friends, family, associates.... any and everybody.  All I have to say is, You Go Girl!

Alicia B.  Toledo, OH

**Absolutely thorough!  Thanks

Libbie W.  Perrysburg, OH

**Very pleasant to work with.  Also good at explaining things and suggesting how to take care of problems if they exist.

Marcia L.  Temperance, MI

**She was awesome!  She was very informative and answered all of my questions.

Bob R.  Toledo, OH

**Thank you for inspecting my prospective home today.  It was wonderful to meet you and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that may need your services.  It was a pleasure.

Janitra B.  Toledo, OH

**Thank you for being very thorough.  It is not everyone that picks up the terrible workmanship on the soffit.  Now I know you would pick up all the really important things. 

Jack S.   Charleston, NC

**From what my husband Steve tells me you were extemely thorough and attentive to detail.  I appreciate all the hard work you put into inspecting this home and providing us with further insight as to whether this is an investment we should make.

Tammy G.  Toledo, OH

**Most impressed with the thoroughness of your inspection.

Karen B.  Toledo, OH  (Realtor)

**Thank you for the great job!

Mike R.  Maumee, OH

**It's all in the delivery!  Good job! You said what needed to be said with honesty.

D.W.  Real Estate Agent   Danberry Realtors

**Very pleased with the home inspection...

Bonnie N.  Maumee, OH

**Thank you so much for all the work you did performing this inspection.  You truly impressed me with the dedication you exhibited while performing this inspection.  If I get this house, I know I can live in it for years, peace free, thanks to your assitance.

John H.  Sylvania, OH

**Janni was very thorough in inspecting the property we are in the process of buying and is very knowledgable in her work.

Nora M.  Toledo, OH

**Davey and I were very impressed with you!  I'm sorry I wasnt there for the whole inspection-you actually made it kinda fun!  Even though it didnt go our way (David has been suspicious of that basement through this whole process) we would much rather have found out now, not 5 or 10 years from now when our foundation crumbles.  We will absolutely be calling you for the next one!

Binney D.  Millbury, OH

**I was very satisfied with Janni's home inspection.  She was able to meet me on a Saturday which worked well for my schedule.  She was very thorough and took her time, did not rush.  I felt comfortable asking questions as she seemed happy to discuss issues and possible solutions for me.  I would definately recommend her to other home buyers.

Daniel R.  Toledo, OH

**I am a first time home buyer and Janni made it much less frightening than I thought it would be.  She was very straight forward and explanitory, and pleasant.  I love that she took the extra steps to give me a package to walk me through this process.  I will recommend her to all my friends whenever I hear they want to buy a home.

Cassaundra M.  Oregon, OH

**Thank you Janni.  Good job!

Dale Z.  Swanton, OH

** Thanks, Janni.  I really appreciate your help with this inspection!

Jo Lyman  Real Estate Agent   Danberry Realtors

**Personal and very thorough.  She is definately a person to call for future perspective as well.

Rick C.  Toledo, OH

**Thanks Janni!  You did a great job.  Very thorough and educational.  Great tips.  I will definately recommend you to others!

Pricilla R.  Walbridge, OH